Vision: The Michael Foundation has the vision to provide support to people who are in need and who are living in poverty, with a special focus on widows and orphans in the Middle East who are struggling financially.

In the Middle East, several countries have been destroyed by war and division and many of the men have died. As a result, many widows and orphans are left behind and very often had to make ends meet without any provisions and financial resources. The purpose of the foundation is to get in touch with these people and to offer them direct support. This support consists of clothing, shelter, food and financial support for the education of the children.

Contact info

Zeewijkplein 220
1974PJ, IJmuiden, The Netherlands
Tel: 0031646322523
E-mail: info@michael-foundation.com
RSIN/fiscaal nummer: 8606 43 359

Board members

Shabnam Solati: Director
Shahrzad Timman: Treasurer
Nick Timman: Executive Assistant
Arka der Stepanian
Mirjam Weinhardt  

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